Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Perkhemahan Badan Beruniform ke-4

 Perkhemahan Badan Beruniform ke 4 SJK(C)Kheow Bin  
(22-10-2011hingga 23-10-2011)

Jadual Aktiviti 22-10-2011
                                                  0900am:  Berkumpul di dewan sekolah
                                                  0930am:  Bertolak
                                                  1130am:  Stone Datuk Temple,Semenyih
                                                  0100pm:  Broga Outbac camp,Semenyih
                                                  0230pm:  Aktiviti luar--Flying Fox, Abseiling and Rock Climbing
                                                  0600pm:  Masa mandi
                                                  0700pm:  Dinner
                                                  0830pm:  Kem fire
                                                  1000pm:  Supper
                                                  1030pm:  Sleeping time

Jadual Aktiviti 23-10-2011
                                                 0500am:  Berkumpul
                                                 0530am:  Bertolak mendaki bukit broga
                                                 0830am:  Bersarapan
                                                 0930am:  Aktiviti luar-Flying Fox, Abseiling and Rock Climbing
                                                 1100am:  Mengemas barang
                                                 1200pm:  LadyBird Organic Farm,Semenyih
                                                 0200pm: Bertolak balik sekolah

Total student: 120pax
Total teacher:  12pax
Total bus: 03

Interesting Places......

Stone Datuk Temple

Broga - Sak Dato TempleThe temple located at 1.6km from Broga Town and 3km from entrance point of Broga Hill.The Broga StoneDatukl Temple built 140 years ago and it has rebuilt in year 1991. The spectacular temple design has become one of the landmarks in Broga. The temple surrounded by lush green hills of tropical rainforest and combination with rockies mountain.

Today, Broga Stone Datuk Temple still continues developing. A giant “Shun Wu kong” or “Monkey King” statue was built at the top of mountain. If you can recall “Monkey King” story, “Shun Wu kong” was born from a stone. Broga Stone Datuk Temple has fulfilled the scenario. A truly fairyland you shall never miss it.

 OUTBAC camp

The word OUTBAC resembles the outback in Australia. Although the term outback is specifically used to identify with the ‘remote arid areas of Australia’, the term can also refer to ‘any lands outside of the main urban areas’, OUTBAC Broga – OUtdoor | Team-Building | Adventure Camp can ride on this term and make its name easy to remember and is easy to say.

OUTBAC Broga is an outdoor adventure campsite located at Broga, near Semenyih. It is approximately 40 minutes from the city centre by car. Its rustic accommodation facilities (air-conditioned dormitory) can accommodate up to 144 pax with a total of 24 rooms made up by 3 zones. Among the outdoor adventure facilities available are Extreme Sports Tower (Flying Fox, Abseiling and Rock Climbing), Ropes Courses (Low Ropes, Leap of Faith) and Obstacles Course including a Kayaking Pond and a Water Course!

Located nearby the campsite are other recreational sites which include a rabbit farm, an orchard and an ostrich farm.

Broga Hill
Broga Hill, sits on the boarder of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan State. It is situated 1.6km from Broga Town, 50km from Kuala Lumpur City Centre and approximately 33km from Seremban Town. Broga Hill is getting famous now a day, believed due to  Attracted by Grass Landscaping.
LadyBird Organic FarmLadybird Organic logo
A new natural agricultural company which unifies the respective merits of “traditional farming wisdom” and “modern agriculture technology”. We establishes our very own organic farm, appearing as the finest organic vegetables demonstration garden, in order for consumer visits and heartily understands the availability sources; a corner of opportunity for the customer to get hold of our fresh and chemical-free organic vegetables instantly on the spot; it is also a "one-stop" servicing foothold for organic vegetables confluence and the natural agricultural system technology products.

 Enjoy Self Plucking


Day 1
                          before aboard, say cheese....   


wah, huge durian                                    "Jiang Tai Gong" fishing                    the way to "Shun Wu Kong"

take off your shoes,please                mattress                                         to get the room

double-deck bed                                   canteen                                       canteen

unlimited water supply                 line-up to have lunch                 after lunch,clean it your own


  waiting for activities                             in groups                                 those who are late

Activities for 2 days

Activities 1

        think 1st                                                  yes,we get it                                 aiyar, papan....

Activities 2

  yes, we are one team                        we must co-operate                        help each other

Activities 3

      mummy,i scar                                 cheh, i not scar at all                      

Activities 4

     dirty                             i don't want,wooo...woo....                lastly, we all pass            

 Activities 5
            1,2,                                            i can't                                                now i can

Activities 6
    jump,jump,jump                             hop,hop,hop                       jump in correct colours

   go in,then come out                       climb up,then get down               don't worry, we all one team

 Activities 7
hahaha,i'm coming                        aiyar,i fall down                     i still can hold it

Activities 8
    i want to fly                           no scar at all,good boy                wah, so high

Activities 9
        don't worry                                be happy                                      be careful


Activities 10

rock climbing

Activities 11


Activities 12

     balancing                                            must keep both side balance              yes,sucess

Activities 13                           Activities 14                               Activities 15

      beach volleyball                                   relaxing                                                  cycling

Kem Fire
   before  fire on                                        3,2,1...  fire                                           show time

    waiting to start  the event                   hold it                                           run

       hi,we in game                                          bamboo rock                        singing

                           kita satu Malaysia

Day 2
mata belum buka,terpaksa bangun                       susahnya                                    cantiknya
      alamak, turun lagi                           mami, saya takut                          seronoknya

                                             We reach Broga Hill,Yeah!

                                                         Yeah, we all happy reach Broga Hill!

                               Take one Family Fhoto,We are Satu Malaysia.....

Happy viewing.....:)